Carbontech 2019

Featured Activites

In addition to conference and the exhibition, we also meticulously set various types of featured activities, including project roadshow, onsite demand release, privated disc-ussion meetings, industry selection, carbon fiber lightweight com-0petition and acad-emic poster display.

Project Road Show

Through the brand influence of Carbontech 2018, we collect high-quality projects worldwide. By combining the online and offline channels of DT New Materials-Carbon Materials Industry Network and Carbon Materials Conference & Expo, we explore a broader route for the development of carbon materials industry.

On-site Demand Release

During the tea break and lunch break, we plan to reserve 10 on-site de-mand release opportunities at the main venue and the branch venue, ea-ch for 5 minutes, and arrange docking area during the meeting.

Private Discussion

Leading experts in the field of carbon materials and (deputy) chairmen, (deputy) presidents, CEOs, CTOs, and technical consultants of well-known companies will discuss the core issues in the current status of the industry and the planning, layout and cooperation for the development of the industry.

Carbon Fiber Lightweight Competition

College students will participate in teamwork to design the shell of mod-ified model race car with carbon fiber and other lightweight materials. The lightweight effect of the cars shall be tested on site and the performance of the cars shall be tested at the designated track. Eventually o-utstanding works will be rewarded and issued a certificate.


The latest research hotspots, technical achievements, team style, etc., will be demonstrate here. The authors can share their research experi-ence with the audience and receive suggestions.

Industry Selection

We will provide a stage for the application demonstration of new types of carbon materials such as graphene and carbon tubes to move from

the backstage to the stage and specify directions for the development of the industry.