Carbontech 2019

Plenary Session

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Policy and carbon materials standard trend, industry development,

advanced experience and research.

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Wanci Shen
Professor of Tsinghua University
Yunqi Liu
Academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences;
Professor, Institute of Chemistry, CAS
Private Discussion Meeting
Leading experts and technical consultants of well-known companies will discuss the core issues, planning, layout and cooperation for the development
of the industry.
New energy, new generation of information technology, futuretransportation, high-end tools, ultra-precision machining technologies, wind power, environ-
mental and biomedical.
Join 3,000 of your industry colleagues at our conference
Zhongfan Liu
Academician of Chinese Acad-emy of Engineering and profe-ssor of Peking University

Zhongping Li
Academician of Chinese Acade-my of Engineering and deputy director of Aerospace Research
Institute of Materials & Processi-ng Technology, CALVT

Technical progress of advanced carbon materials industry and

its layout in strategic emerging industries;

EU Flagship Program: Experience sharing on the development

of graphene industry;

The most advanced research results and potential markets of

carbon nanomaterials;

Introduction of global development trends and market deman-ds for superhard materials (diamond);

Diamond frontier application analysis (acoustics, optics, electricity, magnetism, etc.)

Analysis of the global development trend of carbon fiber and its composites;

Development trends of new generation of high-performance carbon fiber and its composites;

Development trend of new generation high performance carbon fiber and its composite materials;

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