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The Integration and Innovation of Carbon Materials and Strategic Emerging Industries
Carbontech confernece focus on four major application fields of new energy, future transportation, new generation of information technology and high-end equipment manufacturing, to point out the way for technological innovation of carbon materials and overcome the application problems of carbon materials.






Project Road Show

Yunqi LiuAcademician of Chinese Academy of Sciences;
Professor, Institute of Chemistry, CAS

Wanci Shen
Professor of Tsinghua University
Where the enterprises, research institutes, investment institutio-
ns, thirdparty service platforms and user units of carbon mater-
ials industry discuss the global issues and chanllenges.
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Hiroshi MIZUTA
Professor of Japan Advanced In-stitute of Science and Technology (JAIST)
Zhongfan Liu
Academician of Chinese Acad-emy of Engineering and profe-ssor of Peking University

High-quality Presentation:

Over 30 global high-quality carbon materials project roadshows, no less than 50 high-quality project roadshows from Chinese Academy of Sciences, more than 80 keynote speeches from industry


Advanced Technologies and Application Information:

The key layout and major special projects of carbon materials, the analysis of relevant standards, the integration and innovation of carbon materials industry and strategic emerging industries, and the key capital layout areas of carbon materials industry;

Industry Leadership Dialogue:

One to one on-site appointment for more efficient demand docking, over 100 private discussions on the major layout of the industry and more than 100 meetings for user units to create an in-depth cooperation docking platform;

Power of Brand Communication:

Over 150 strategic cooperation media make full publicity of the largest carbon material industry event in China, covering no less than 3000 industry decision makers and corporate executives.

Join 3,000 of your industry colleagues at our confere-nce

Unprecedented Participation Scale:

100+ companies will be listed at the award ceremony, 3000+ representatives covering the whole industry chain, 5,000+m2 of exhibition area;

Multi-stream Activites:

New products release, showcases of quality projects from Chinese Academy of Sciences, graphene-based smart home experience activity, carbon fiber products for civilian use experience activity, carbon fiber lightweight competition, on-site demand release and docking;

Carbontech attracts professionals from across a wide range of industry sectors

Government, Association 3%

Research Institute 12%

Materials Company 26%

Equipment Supplier 23%

Users 31%

Media 3%

Other 2%



Zhongping Li
Academician of Chinese Acade-my of Engineering and deputy director of Aerospace Research
Institute of Materials & Processi-ng Technology, CALVT

Widely attended by the international carbon materials community

China 41%

Russia 13%

USA 12%

Japan and Korea 12%

Germany 8%

UK 7%

Spain 4%

Italy 2%

Other 1%

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3 day multi-stream conference

The premier event for the world`s carbon materials industry